November 16

Climate change: Why policy-makers and central banks need to be increasingly concerned

Daniel Daianu, 23 October 2019, ISEE conference, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest  Financial markets are inherently myopic and misconduct is also frequent. This means that proper regulations have to operate to keep a rein on finance. The Great Recession was enhanced by monumental failures of policy-making and a misleading paradigm, as Alan Greenspan ruefully remarked.

October 15

Political Support at EU Level for Energy and Environmental Policies

Clara Volintiru, Maria-Floriana Popescu, Doru Frănțescu, Melania-Gabriela Ciot[1] Abstract: In a context of ever more complex decision-making at the EU level, it is important to understand the underpinnings of consensus for major policies. Building upon the recent experience of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the end of a legislative.

June 20

What ‘EU sovereignty’ are we talking about?

Daniel Daianu, talk given at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 18 June 2019 We are a short time after the elections for the European Parliament/EP. A piece of good news is that political groups that question the existence of the European Project, of the Union, have not got the upperhand. But the reverse is that.

June 8

Can Democracies Tackle Illiberal and “InwardLooking” Drives?

Autor: Acad. Daniel Dăianu Abstract: There is evidence of mounting illiberal inclinations in the industrialized world, in democratic societies; an “inward-looking” syndrome (rising nationalism) is also taking place. Are they to be linked with temporary drivers in the ‘extraordinary times’ we are living through, or do they have deeper roots? An answer to this question.