December 9

What drives illiberalism?

What drives illiberalism, asks Daniel Daianu (SNSPA, Romania)? He writes that while the liberal order of the world is being severely tested, liberal ideals still have the upper hand in the industrialized world and many people stand behind it. Furthermore, he argues that for democracy to survive, its liberal core must be preserved. The distinction.

December 2

Masa rotunda cu tema “Climate Change- criza economica si ecologica”

Institutul pentru Studierea Evenimentelor Extreme (ISEE) organizeaza luni, 10 Decembrie 2018 orele 17:30, masa rotunda cu tema “Climate Change – criza economica si ecologica”, la sediul SNSPA din Bd. Expozitiei nr. 30A – sala 420. Evenimentul se bucura de participarea domnului dr. Andrew Taylor, directorul EMBA University of Hull (Executive Master of Business Administration), antreprenor,.

November 11

Can Europe strengthen its “economic sovereignty”?

(Views from the Council. Daniel Daianu. 05th November, 2018) ECFR Council Member Daniel Daianu sounds off on Europe’s economic sovereignty, the risks of avoiding integration, and the need for strong political will In his April 2018 address to the European Parliament, French President Emmanuel Macron repeated his call for “European sovereignty”. While many pundits appear.

August 15

«Tweet diplomatie»: comment résoudre la crise canado-saoudienne?

Autor: Rares Burlacu, Lector Quebec ENAP, Cercetator asociat ISEE La véritable leçon à tirer pour le Canada, dans ces circonstances, est que sa diplomatie doit faire le calcul prix-bénéfice dans les actions qu’elle entreprend sur la scène internationale. Indiscutablement, une première à noter cette semaine dans la vie politique canadienne: nous sommes confrontés à une.

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