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Joi, 18 iunie, ora 11:00, Consiliul Fiscal, SocietateaRomână de Economie (SOREC) și Institutul pentru Studierea Evenimentelor Extreme (ISEE/SNSPA) au organizat dezbaterea (în format online, via Zoom) cu tema impactul pandemiei COVID-19 asupra economiei românești. Doua aspecte au fost in atentia participantilor: –       Evolutia economiei in acest an si mijloace de a atenua criza; –       Perspective.

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Framing the current economic crisis at EU level – OpenEU Debate

By Clara Volintiru   As national governments continue to struggle with the COVID-19 crisis, decision-makers are trying to develop an economic rescue plan fit for all of Europe. It can only be a common rescue plan because absolutely no member state, not even Germany, can fend off the coming recession by itself. If competitivity on.

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“Climate change: why policy-makers and central banks need to be increasingly concerned”

Financial markets are inherently myopic and misconduct isnot seldom. This means that proper regulations have to operate to rein infinance.Moreover, the Great Recessionwas enhanced by monumental failures of policy-making and a misleading paradigm, as Alan Greenspan ruefully remarked during  Congress hearings in August 2008. Let us recall the Big Bang of 1986 in the City.